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Daily Kreative is an inspired start-up home essential & trending store that was established in New York City in 2017. Owner, Tim was never into home design, the homey vibes, and innovative home products. Tim never saw the beauty of having a fantastic home using the most up-to-date products.

Tim had gone traveling overseas to countries and when visiting the beautiful land of Bali, there was an inspiration after seeing beautiful houses and villas. After that year of a month's worth of traveling and exploring beautiful houses around Bali, Tim had decided to travel every year to a different country without a thought. His goal is to visit every beautiful home and villa in the world. And because of this inspiration, Daily Kreative was born to cater home enthusiasts and home product innovators.

With Daily Kreative, Tim hopes and plans to continue to inspire those around the world to express the most innovative creative products in the world. The world must know!



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